After You by JoJo Moyes

After You by JoJo Moyes


Much like the first, I’d written it off. To refresh, I’d read this book over a year ago. I remember the arguments with friends about reading it but Me Before You was more than boy meets girl! So I was proved wrong. It’s a brave book that tackles, spoiler alert, a person’s right to end their own life. Gorgeous and outgoing, Will’s life was one big adventure. A tragic accident leaves him paralysed and Lou Clark is employed as a ray of sunshine by Will’s parents to change his mind. They learn to live and love then Will goes ahead with his decision. This is Lou’s life After You.

The first books ends with Lou in France at Will’s request. This second opens with Lou working in an Irish themed bar in an airport. I’m almost sure Will wouldn’t want that. The money didn’t go to waste. She has a nice flat with a garden on the roof; a roof she falls off of and breaks a bunch of bones. This pulls her family back together, they stopped talking after her actions of 18 months ago. Works not great. Her family are still struggling. She’s in therapy for grief because everyone believes the fall as a suicide attempt. (She does go on a lot about what Will would think and talk as if he’s still alive. He’s not Moyes, you killed him.) If all of that wasn’t enough, a stranger turns up at her door. It’s Will’s daughter.

The first book had earned my respect, this one not so much. It was the book I was expecting the first to be: a good mixture of drama, tragedy and boy meets girls. I was disappointed as I thought Lou would have taken Will’s promise to its fullest: to live. Instead, she muddles through life like the rest of us muggles. As I said in my previous review, it’s not going to win any writing prizes. If you loved the characters from the first they’re all there for you with some new oddballs we come to love as much as Loopy Lou and her yellow strippy tights. Good, harmless fluff to distract you from the chaos of now.

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