A Play with a Bank Robbery

A Play with a Bank Robbery


The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is another West End production by Ronseal Theatre. My apologies, by Mischief Theatre. Why Ronseal? Because it does exactly what it says on the tin. I have seen The Play That Goes Wrong twice, first with a friend and second with my family. Being from a theatrical singing dancing family, we howled at the totally relatable slips, trips and fuck ups. Not knowing what to buy my sister and father for their birthday, I treated them to a trip to see our favourite theatre company! This time with the boyfriend. He seemed unfair that he hadn’t seen the rib cracking first production. So I saw it a third time. The Play on Wednesday and the Bank Robbery on Friday, what a week for me!

It does what it says on the tin, it’s a comedy about a bank robbery. But its so much more than that! This is a comedy about love and mistaken identity. It’s basically modern Shakespeare with a lot more puns and physical comedy. There’s a scene with a moustache and it just keeps getting bigger! We open in a Canadian prison, Mitch Ruscitti has a plan to rob a diamond worth $500,000. It’s set in the past so that was a lot of money. He escapes and joins the eccentric bunch of characters that work at the bank. Let’s just say, a whole five minutes is spent milking the name Robin Freeboys for all it’s worth!

I’m not sure if it was an advantage watch the two products to closest to one another. The Play is the play I hold all comedies too. Bank Robbery has a slow start. After a more eye rolling exchange, the action kicks off with a car chase … with laundry baskets. It’s when two of our main characters start getting it on that I started laughing inappropriately and had tears streaming down my face. Until the slinky moment at the end of the second act but you’d need to see it to full appreciate that. It’s not fair to compare the two as Mischief that learnt so much from their first productions in Edinburgh. There were just as many stunts and there was music and singing in the style of the time: 1950s! An absolute dream! Theatre is good when it’s audience walks away a better person, theatre is great when you need a clean pair of pants and your ribs taped.      

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